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Everyone knows the MONARCH, the individual custom bike of the BOBBER GARAGE in Liechtenstein.

The winner of the >>and with the 10th anniversary Monarch >>2 times winner of the Rats Hole Custombike Show 2018 << in Sturgis USA.. — saddle fast in steel —

The serial bike of the BOBBER GARAGE is built for the demanding biker who appreciates the classic style mixed with modern originality. Each bike is finished with a full paint job by Marcus Pfeil. Our frames are bent in close cooperation with PenzCustom. To make the ride even more comfortable, we have developed a swing arm frame from the original rigid frame damit so that the unmistakable line is to be found in all Monarch bikes.

It can be built up completely individually for you and can be typed and standardized throughout Europe.


Wishbone-look with one-arm swinging fork

Knuckle / Pan / Shovel / EVO / Twin Cam / S&S motors to choose from

Optimized design of the oil tank

Optional top tube

Brake mounting rear center wheel

NLC spoke wheels milled from one block


— ride hard or stay home —

Liechtenstein monarch

The bike was set up in 2012 at the largest custom bike fair at the "Biker Build Off". The Bobber Crew competed against Germany. For the first time in the history of the "European Biker Build Off" in Bad Salzuflen a non-German company won the Build Off! The Bobber Garage has made a name for itself in the whole scene nationally and internationally. So the beginning of the monarch history was set. Biker Build Offaufgebaut. Die Bobber Crew trat den Wettbewerb gegen Deutschland an. Zum ersten mal in der Geschichte desEuropean Biker Build Offin Bad Salzuflen gewann eine nicht deutsche Firma das Build Off! Die Bobber Garage hat sich dadurch einen Namen in der ganzen Szene national, wie auch international gesichert. Somit war der Anfang der Monarchen Geschichte gelegt.

2013 we won the "best of Show" and "best Custombike" in Switzerland at the "Swiss Custom Show". Because of this victory we were invited to Dubai in 2013 for the "Dubai Bike Week". In October 2013 Reini flew with the Monarch to Dubai and won the title "best modified Harley Davidson" and also "best paint" there. 

Frame, swing arm, sheet metal parts: Peter Penz from Penz Custom
Painting: Marcus Pfeil Custompainting

black pearl

The BLACK PEARL MONARCH was the first production bike based on the LIECHTENSTEIN MONARCH. The customer wanted the story of the Black Pearl on the paint, which we (and of course Marcus Pfeil from Pfeildesign) were happy to fulfill.

With a few changes, such as making the MONARCH testable all over Europe, Reini and Peter Penz (from Penz Custom) designed the new MONARCH for the road. Instead of a one-armed star frame, the bike got a swing arm and a Euro3 engine, which meets the latest emission requirements. With a lot of attention to detail we have built a perfect custom bike for everyone.


dubai monarch

Through the participation in Dubai, the Arabs also became aware of us and our award-winning MONARCH. An invitation to the first "Biker Build Off" in the Emirates followed immediately.

Reini was the first European ever to participate in Dubai. We competed with our crew againstChopper Kulturefrom Abu Dabi. On site we built the DUBAI MONARCH and won the 2. place. 2014 Won the DUBAI MONARCH the 1st place. in the category "best Custombike"at the Faakersee, at the "European Harley Davidson Week" one of the biggest Harley Davidson meeting in Europe.


grabuenden monarch

Shortly afterwards a second MONARCH followed for the road. The GRAUBÜNDEN MONARCH. This bike also won 2nd place. at the "Customchrom Showof the"European Harley Davidson Week" one of“.

The bike was built individually for a customer from Graubünden, especially according to all his wishes. The bike contains many details from this canton on the paint and was typecast in Switzerland. 

Frame, swing arm, sheet metal parts: Peter Penz from Penz Custom
Painting: Marcus Pfeil Custompainting

The Monarch #10

The MONARCH No.10. THE Swiss Custum - Anniversary Monarch. Winner of the Rats Hole Custom bike Show in Sturgis 2018 in the categories >Best of Show< and >Best Radical<. No Monarch will ever be like the other. each one is absolutely unique. Handmade and lovingly planned and built down to the last detail. And so is the Monarch No.10, but this time after the wishes of Reini. 

mona lady

The Monarch #6

In 2014 Reini fulfilled his dream of his own bike, which he named Monarch. Meanwhile the sixth bike of this series is finished and inspires not only tough guys but also the ladies among the bikers. The Monarch 6 not only got the name of a lady, but is also moved by one. Mona had clear ideas about "her" Monarch, which as always will be built with a specially for the Bobber Garage manufactured and homologated frame by Penz from Austria. The frame combines the styles from different epochs of the Motor Company with a rigid rear end and a modern one-arm wheel mount, as found in modern sports bikes. Reini combined a proven old style Springer fork with modern NLC rims, milled from aluminium and correspondingly light. The paint job was especially tricky, because the Mona Lady was supposed to be silver and oldschool, plus skulls, but please not too evil and morbid and a little gold leaf couldn't hurt to set accents. So Pfeil Design conjured up a lacquer that not only Reini, but also the customer, who is now the first lady to own a monarch and will probably be the last, since the number of pieces of the monarch is limited.


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